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Network hacks, data breaches, information theft, and other malicious network attacks are on the rise:​

So should your concern for overall network security. Nearly one million malware threats are released worldwide every day, and it takes an average of 46 days to resolve a malicious attack, threatening critical operations, organizational reputations, and even the financial viability of many companies.

Nextage can help protect your company’s digital assets with a in-depth defense approach that translates into multiple layers of security: ​

Router & switch operating system vulnerability -

Multiple embedded operating system techniques mitigate or prevent attacks, including flood control gates, port scanning detection, task CPU usage monitor and control, etc. Optional extra-hardened Operating System with the innovative CodeGuardian technology.

Network access -

Consistent network access control at both wired and wireless interfaces. Authentication and authorization required throughout entire network. Enforced role based access and quarantine process for unauthorized or non-compliant users.

Firewall -

Firewall rules based on user and device information, providing a more customized fit to your business needs. Predictive analysis provides traffic anomaly alert, identification of potential DoS attacks.

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