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Get services as innovative as the solutions they improve

Whether your project involves a complete deployment, a small integration or a complete customization, from the moment you begin working with us, you’ll find Interactive Intelligence does Professional Services differently using a deliberately innovative approach.

We’ve standardized Professional Services based on thousands of projects and years of experience. Then we put that experience to work for you by delivering services in three key areas:​

Project Automation -

Your entire project, not just parts of it. By automating the process for services delivery as a whole, all associated projects, notifications and work items are pushed to each member of the Interactive Intelligence Professional Services team assigned to your project. Not pulled, pushed. Proactively. At the same time, project activities are prioritized to keep them on track, and are exhaustively monitored in a single Project Portal by the entire services team, including you.

Project Collaboration -

All project details and their status are tracked and managed within the Project Portal — providing a browser-based view into each project we do for you. Information is always available to all members of the project team – yours and ours. Team members can view the project’s status at any time and provide input whenever needed.

Project Feedback -

In addition to tracking each step of your project, we track how satisfied you are along the way. With our automated approach, a satisfaction survey is pushed to your project team as we complete each project step, asking questions on how we’re doing at that particular stage. All survey data from your feedback is stored in the Project Portal, where it is accessed and reviewed – and responded to – by Interactive team members.

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